Why Everyone Is Renting Wedding Dresses

In countries such as China, where the wedding industry stands at a whopping $210 billion, weddings are no joke. It's a display of wealth and virtue on the biggest day of any couple's lives. To keep up, many economically conscious couples can't afford the flashy spending while on a moderate budget and have found the next best thing - renting!

It's the best of both worlds, keeping within a budget without sacrificing style and fashion. Many brides often times have to rent multiple dresses for different occasions such as a casual dress to dance in, the ceremonial dress, and in some cultures a traditional dress for the parents and family. It hurts our wallets just thinking about having to purchase 2 or more designer dresses which range between $1,000 - $10,000!

So why is everyone renting now?


Many modern brides are independent working and equal partners. Not every bride can afford spending hours a week driving to different wedding retailers and trying on limited style options only to be disappointed. Renting online gives the brides flexibility in searching from a variety of brands and styles from the comfort of their home. A lot of hidden fees post wedding like storage and dry cleaning - no longer and issue, just send it back as is!


Brides can save time and money by renting. Our collections offer you up to 70% off retail value. A $2,000 - $3,000 dress would only set you back $500, giving you plenty of breathing space in your budget for other wedding expenses and you'll still get the dress you've dreamed about!


While saving your dress for your future daughter/granddaughter is a wholesome gesture, more likely than not your in fashion dress may not be appreciated 20 years from now. Clear up your closet space and think about how you are saving the world! In a world dominated by fast fashion where inexpensive clothes are being marked up insane prices to keep up with fashion trends, we are doing our part by this shared economy of sharing our dresses. Wedding dresses don't have to be a wasteful one and done deal.

We hope you join the revolution and rent with us for your momentous wedding day!

For more details on how to rent with us, check out: how to rent